Spartan Ultra

NEW for 2018, Spartan is introducing our Spartan Ultra race type. 

The new Ultra event is a unique event with unique Ultra-specific obstacles and challenges; the Ultra will no longer be an extension of the Beast event (like the 2017 and prior Ultra Beast).  

The Ultra will be geared for true endurance-focused Spartans, with a minimum distance of 30 mi/ 50km. Upon completion of this 30 mile test of will, successful finishers will receive a newly designed Ultra belt buckle, as well as special Ultra-branded finisher shirt and wedge medal, in the new color of the Ultra - purple. 

Please note: The Spartan Ultra does count toward a Spartan Trifecta (which is comprised of one Sprint, one Super and one Beast). The 2018 Ultra wedge medal can be used to complete an Endurance Delta (Hurricane Heat, Hurricane Heat 12 Hour, Ultra). Finishing one lap of an Ultra does not entitle a racer to a Spartan Beast medal. 

For the first time, all Ultra events globally will be qualifiers for Elite and Age Group categories into the Ultra World Championship. Ultra racers will need to achieve demanding course cut-off times and there is no roll-down or maximum number of qualifiers. 


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