Championship : Age Group Regulation

Each race an athlete runs, he/she will earn points based on both their age group and gender ranking (using the standard 300 point formula). In any Age Group Series, the age ranking of an athlete will be determined by their age on the first series race he/she competes in, not the last. Therefore, an athletes age group will remain the same throughout the series, and will not change if the athlete ages-up.

Although Age Group Series rankings are determined based on a racer’s age during their first race in a series, the racer’s age category on race day, in which they can earn points, will be determine by their age on that day. For example, if a 39-year-old runs their first race of the season before their 40thbirthday, they will be a part of the 30-39 Age Group Series (for the entire year). If during the season they turn 40, for any race going forward, they will be ranked in the 40-49 Age Group Category and earn points within that bracket for the day. After the race, these points will then be applied to their original 30-39 Age Category Series Rankings, since they ran their first race of the series at 39 years old.

Past points do not change or get recalculated based on the new age.

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