What is the role of a volunteer ?

It depends on the zone where you will be assigned, you will be able to work on one or more zones:

  1. Management of Obstacles: to ensure the safety on the obstacles, to control the penalties (Burpees), to alert the doctor in case of urgency, to disturb the flow of the participants and the refuelings (you will never be alone, we always try to position 2- 3 people on the positions during the day)
  2. Registration Management: Reception and information of participants, distribution of runners packs, control of the registration system ...

  3. Management of the instructions: Reception of the participants, organization of the space, removal and recovery of the bags.

  4. Management of the starting line and finish line: Implementation of the end supply, distribution of Finisher T-Shirts and medals, flow management, departure organization ...

  5. Gladiators: Inform and accompany the spartans in the departure / arrival area and encourage them to immortalize their experience at the photo booth

  6. Logistics: Various actions around the Festival area, reinforcements on the other positions (Registration, Instructions, departure control ...)


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