How to get my free entry ?

To get your free race, you have to complete the whole day as a volunteer. Remember to point you in the morning and detach at night before going to the voluntary space.

If you run the weekend of your volunteering (impossible to run the same day as volunteering), you will have to run the day before or the day after volunteering. A coupon will be given to introduce you to the Registration space to remove your runner pack. You will not be able to run on all the waves. Note that to run in Elite or Age Group, there will be a transfer fee and subject to space.

If you want to run the day before your volunteering is possible, you will have to present yourself in the volunteer space the day before your volunteering and give us a deposit check. The check will be returned the next day during Check out.


If you wish to run on another race, a code will be sent to you the week following your volunteering and will appear on your chronotrack account. You can use it on all races in France and in Western Europe except Hurricane Heat and Ultra.


How can I find my free race codes that I have won or received during my volunteering?

1) Log in to your Chronotrack account.

2) If you have not created an account yet, do not worry, your code will still be available once you have created an account, with a corresponding e-mail address. You can always click on "Forgotten password" and enter your email address to receive a temporary password.

3) Click on the "Coupons" tab to see your available coupons.

4) Choose the race of your choice and follow the registration process.

  • If you want to run in Age Group: the voluntary codes are valid on Age Group heats until VALMOREL 2018. Once the Winter Spartan Race of Valmorel 2018 is done, the codes will be awarded only valid for the Open category.
    But it will be possible to register in age group, it will then register in Open and transfer his race from Open to Groupe age with a transfer fee. (about 10 €)

-> The procedure to change its starting category: HERE

  • If you who want to run in Elite: you must first register in the Open category for the race you want, then transfer you from Open to Elite for a transfer fee. (about 20 €)

-> The procedure to change its starting category: HERE


5) Once you have completed all the information for your race, add your voluntary code in the "promotion / code" tab.

6) Once registered in Open, if you wish to pass in Elite, carry out the transfer by following the information for the change of starting category.

The codes are not nominative, you can enjoy who you want!

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