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How to register my child for the Kids Race?

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Three race distances for three age groups

  • 4-6 years: About 800m / 7-10 obstacles
  • 7-9 years: About 1.6 km / 10-14 obstacles
  • 10-14 years old: about 3.2 km / 14-17 obstacles.
  • 15 years old and over: They can take part in the Kids Race, thank you to get closer to the staff the same day. It will be possible for your children to register.

To register, click the REGISTER NOW button at the top of the page.


  • Medal Spartan Kids Finisher
  • T-shirt Spartan Kids Finisher (It could be that the other t-shirt is rather dirty)
  • Serious arguments for selling you at school


1) Please go to the Kids Zone, where you will be welcomed by Kids Staff

You will need to bring your national identity card (that of the legal representative of the child)
You will need to sign the Waiver
IMPORTANT: The medical certificate is not mandatory, however we insist on your responsibility regarding the possibility of your child to perform this type of race.


2) The waves will be defined by age and all the instructions will be communicated on the site, concerning the wave schedule.

The waves are not pre-defined, children can arrive at the time they want and will be supported by the Staff and placed in their respective waves.

3) All children will receive a T-shirt & a medal, mud and lots of other memories and stories to tell ... Like the grown-ups!

In the case of forgetfulness of the wave, or the distance of your child, we remain at your disposal by mail:  (thank you to indicate the name and surname of your child in the mail)

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