What are the volunteer missions?

Depending on what area you have agreed to volunteer at, you could be working at one of the following areas:

1.) Pre-race packet stuffing – preparing and organizing the racer packets (on Friday)

2.) Packet pick-up / registration – helping the Spartan staff with checking-in the participants

3.) Festival – this includes various jobs around the event such as bag check, merchandise sales, marking the runners with their runner number, greeting participants at the gate, and handing out medals at the Finish Line

4.) Course – instructing the participants on how to get through the obstacles, enforcing the obstacles and making participants do burpees if they fail*, and ensuring the smooth operation of each obstacle. Course volunteers may also work at a water station, handing out water to the participants.

*Any participant that fails or does not try an obstacle will need to do 30 burpees.

5.) Hostesses and Gladiators – managing the start area, giving the medals and informing the participants and the spectators are the severals missions of the Hostesses and Gladiators

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