Is there an age limit for volunteers?


Volunteers age 16+ can volunteer without a parent/guardian present as long as their parent/guardian signs the waiver. Volunteers age 12-15 can join their parent/guardian, but their parent/guardian must be volunteering with them at all times. Volunteers under age 12 are not permitted.


The Free Race earned by volunteering is only for the regular adult Spartan Race, not the Kids Race and all racers must be at least 16 for Sprint and 18 for Super and Beast on race day in order to run in the adult race. If you have small children, please plan to leave them with a non-volunteering/non-racing adult. If you arrive to your shift with children under the age limits listed above, you will be asked to forfeit your shift. Spartan Race reserves the right to report unattended children to the local authorities.

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