How do I register for my free race?

If you are racing at the event that you are volunteering, go to Volunteer tent on your race day.

You can't run your free race the day of volunteering. You can race the day before or after volunteering.
If you run the previous day, go to the volunteer tent from 10am in order to receive a voucher in exchange of a security deposit wich be returned at the end of your day of volunteering. Do not pay online or you will not be reimbursed ! If your run the day after the volunteering or during an other race, go to the volunteer tent directly.

If you are missing your code, you must contact us at at least 2 weeks before your desired race.

If you would like to save your free race for a future event, simply check out with your Volunteer Coordinator at the end of the day and pick up your vougher.

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