How I can qualifiy for the Euro Champs 2019

When and where will takes place the European Championship ?

European Championship Dolomiti will takes place in Alleghe-Civetta, Italia on June 29, 2019 !

All about the European Championship in Dolomiti here !


Which category can run for the European Championship ?

The European Championship event will offer Championship Heats in the categories Elite and Age Group only (The Open heats are no European Championship heats). In order to race in Elite or Age Group category at the European Championship you will need to qualify.

How to be qualified ?

The qualification system for the European Championship has been simplified for 2019:

  • Elite Racers qualify for the Championship by placing top 10 at all regular season races in Europe (with a roll down).
  • Age Group Racers qualify for the Championship by placing top 10 of their Age Group category at all regular season races in Europe (no roll down). 

All events between September 30, 2018 and the Sunday before the European Championships will be able to offer the possibility to qualify for the Championship race.

Every qualified racer will receive an email invitation with his/her personal qualification code that is then to be used in order to sign up for the Championship event. It is not possible to register without your personal qualification code.

*qualification notifications for the 2019 European Championship will be sent via email starting January 15, 2019. So if you already qualified in 2018 you will receive your email invitation automatically in January.  

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