I've subscribe to a promo event and would like to register

You registered for a promo event and want to register after subscribing to the promo.

Here are all the infos. 

When you registered for a promo event like for ex : Valentines day, you will receive on your Chronotrack account a coupon code available to register for free to the race that you purshase.

In the case of the Valentines Day promo, this code will be available twice for 2 events of the same type :

For exemple : code available 2 times for the sprint of 2 times for the super etc....

How to get my coupon code : 

Go to your Chronotrack account with the same mail that you used for your registration : 


After that, give your mail and your password (The mail need to be, the same than the one from you registration). 

Click on Coupon 

You will see the coupon code of the Promo that you register for. 

Use your code to registrate as many time that you can and also respect the infos mentionned if the information page of the promo. 


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