What time should I arrive on the day of the race and what should I bring?

 You must be on site at least 1:30 before departure. In this way, traffic jams or certain unforeseen events will be considered as nice obstacles compared to the different forms of torture that you will have to endure.

VERY IMPORTANT: Before coming on the spot, you will have to print your Bar Code, you have already receive by email when you registered.

It will also be necessary to bring a medical certificate of less than 1 years (click on display the original article at the bottom of this article to download the certificate).
We accept the medical certificates of obstacle course in competition and running in competition but also copies of endurance sports licenses (Triathlon, athletics, mountain biking ...) and non-static sports (Football etc ... ).

Also think of coming with your Identity Card so that we can verify your identity.

For legal reasons Spartan Race will refuse participation to our race to each participant who can not prove his identity and / or not having given a medical certificate. There will be no exception.

So please do not forget:

- Your Bar Code (you have already receive by email when you registered)
- Your medical certificate
- Your Identity Card



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